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Hello, Dear Readers, and welcome to our new weekly roundup of interesting tidbits from around the gaming world, and especially in the under-served communities, by attempting to highlight those stories. This week we have a couple of links to stories on new role-playing games for kids, so those of  you looking to get the family into gaming take heed!


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Go play Dicemasters

Why should you play Avengers vs. X-Men Dicemasters by Wizkids?  Because it’s all kinds of awesome!

It’s an astounding game that’s actually really simple once you break through the dictionary that is its rulebook. It’s a dice-building game that’s like a deckbuilding game, with dice! You can play with all kinds of Marvel Heroes and Villains!

At its core, its pretty simple. You put dice in a bag, you draw 4 dice a turn, you roll them, and you use the corresponding symbols to buy new dice, or to field your character dice for an attack on your opponent. Used dice go in a pile, and when your dice bag empties, all your used dice go back to the bag! Each character in the game is represented by a character card, and a cool die that goes along with it.

I admit, I got sucked into it after an impromptu demo, and now I can’t get enough if it! I might do a more in-depth review of it later, but as far as games go, it’s really really good! Image