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Hello, Dear Readers, and welcome to our new weekly roundup of interesting tidbits from around the gaming world, and especially in the under-served communities, by attempting to highlight those stories. This week we have a couple of links to stories on new role-playing games for kids, so those of  you looking to get the family into gaming take heed!


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The Importance of Tabletop

Today, I am going to write a rousing article today about the importance of tabletop gaming. I could simply tell you that nothing beats a night of gaming with your friends and family. That’s more than enough of an argument. No elaboration needed. But what kind of fun would that be? Let me take you on a trip down memory lane…


When I was young, I was admittedly a video game junkie. I spent my days holed up in my room with my controller in hand and snacks nearby. Loud digital noises assailed my ears, bright pixels assaulted my eyes. And life was good. It was a solitary one though.

Jump ahead to high school, where I picked up Magic the Gathering. I found that there was a certain magic (forgive the pun) that came from spending my time in the school foyer playing with other social outcasts. (Magic was very much a niche thing back then.) It  was the gateway to a lifetime of tabletop experiences.

In college a certain little anime known as Dragonball Z was a big deal. This was the Toonami era. Students of all kinds stuffed themselves into lounges to watch the next exciting installment, and we usually hung around to talk about it afterwards. So, you can imagine my excitement when I visited a local game store down the street from campus, and found that they had a Dragonball Z role-playing game! I had never run an RPG before, but I figured that it would be time to learn. We got a group together and had a blast. And that was it. Tabletop gaming was now a passion rather than a hobby.

I still take time to play, as often as I can. Every week, my friends and I get together, head out to fill our bellies with local Kent cuisine, (Have you ever had a slice of Ramella’s pizza?) and we settle in for a night of gaming. We typically cycle through Dungeons and Dragons one week, and Scion the next, with a smattering of board games for good measure. It’s the thing I look forward to the most every week.

Why? Because there’s something just flat out magical about tabletop gaming, something you just can’t get from a video game or anything else. A group of people playing a board game aren’t just playing, they’re in a battle of wits. Resources are bought and sold, territories are conquered, and deals are made. It brings out our ruthless sides, as well as our benevolent sides. We eliminate our rivals, or we work together to defeat a malicious threat.

Togetherness is the point.  It’s all about being there, in the moment with your hearty band of adventurers. It’s about looking around the table and wondering which of your friends is going to go turncoat and knock you out of the game. It’s about an experience you just can’t get with a headset and an Xbox live account.

As long as there are people who want to play together, to have fun together, and maybe throw down some dice (together!), there will always be a place in the world for tabletop games.

Halloween 2013 Recap

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who came to our Halloween party last night! I certainly hope you all had as much fun as I did! We got to see all kinds of games going on, with a Hydra battle and 8-man Commander game in the Annex, demos of Vampire Empire, a MASSIVE Cards Against Humanity free-for-all, Redneck Life and Story War. There was music, snacks, and of course, CANDY! We saw so many great costumes, but unfortunately so many people were pouring in and out we weren’t able to get the contest organized or get them all on camera. Instead we will be holding the contest on our Facebook page, with voting open from now until midnight tomorrow night. If you came in costume and didn’t get your picture snapped, be sure to post a shot of your costume to our wall or email it to us at groundsgames@gmail.com. Our little shindig ended up going late into the night, with the festivities finally wrapping up shortly before 1:00 am. A huge thank you again to all our guests, and we look forward to hosting many more Halloweens with you in the future!

Krosmaster Arena arrived at Gaming Grounds

Krosmaster in Action

Krosmaster Arena arrived at Gaming Grounds last week, and I’ve been excited to give it a shot. So our Intrepid gopher, Zac, and I popped it open to give it a test run. And you’re going to hear about it!

Krosmaster Arena comes to us from Japanime Games, a company that makes some pretty awesome games, such as Kanzume Goddess. Krosmaster is a boardgame/miniatures wargame fusion, where teams of cutesy characters from the Dofus and Wakfu universes battle for Gallons of Glory. (Literally)

Setup is easy, with the board itself telling you where to place all the relevant pieces. The box contains terrain pieces such as trees, bushes, and crates, which are placed on the board as obstacles to help or hinder your warriors. The board and terrain pieces are nice and colorful, and very eye-catching.

Each character in the game is represented by fully painted plastic miniatures. And they’re very nicely painted. Each figure is colorful and bursting with personality. Each of these figures has a card that comes with it, that shows the stats of the character, as well as some bits of flavor. Each figure has its own unique stats and powers, making each one feel completely different from the last.

You select your team based on your characters’ levels. Each player has 12 levels worth of characters they can take. In the starting game, each side has four level 3 characters, which equals out to the required twelve.
Each character has three main stats:
MP: Determines how many squares a character can move in a turn.
HP: The character’s health!
AP: How many actions a character can take in a turn. Buying items, picking up coins, and even attacking all use up your AP!

Each Character has access to a basic punch attack, and all characters have their own unique attacks and actions. These can cost a variety of action points to perform. (For example, it costs 5AP to punch!) Fighting is simple; all you have to do is choose the ability you want to use, spend the AP, and roll a die to determine if you get a critical hit! If you crit, it adds +1 to your damage, and if you don’t, you deal the abilities’ listed damage!
Your opponent also gets to roll a die to determine defense, and if they succeed, it subtracts damage from the attack! (For example, King of the Gobbals decides to punch Oscar Kass for 1 damage. He rolls and gets a critical, which brings the damage to 2! Oscar gets to roll for defense, and he rolls a shield icon, which gives him 1 point of defense, lowering the damage to 1!)

Of course there are various abilities that can alter these die rolls, allowing for more criticals or more defense! The battlefield are limited with coins called Kamas, which can be picked up and held on to. If your character is standing on a demon square, you can spend Kamas to get items that enhance your character’s abilities.
The goal of the game is simple. Fight for Gallons of Glory! Each player starts with 6 of these tokens, and if a player runs out of them, they lose! Players lose GGs when their characters are defeated, or when the opposing player manages to steal them away by spending Kamas. You can also win the game by eliminating all of your opponents characters!

Obviously we’ve glossed over a lot of the details. But Krosmaster Arena is a lot of fun to play, and has quite a bit of strategy. The different characters can really shake up the gameplay in a lot of ways.

There are dozens of figures in the line that are purchased in expansion packs. (We also sell figures separately so people can pick and choose their favorites!) The core game clocks in at over $70 dollars, but you get a lot for your money. It comes with eight figures, all the tokens you’ll need, and the board and terrain. I can see it being really easy to make your own boards, and I hope Krosmaster puts out more in the future.

Gaming Grounds Store Updates

Looking for Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to run demos, one-shots, or leagues, specifically in the areas of Roleplaying and Miniatures, but any game you’re proficient at, love, and want to share, will be considered for demonstration. Please go here to download the application.

New Events Calendar

Please be sure to keep an eye on our events calendar and facebook events page for both new regularly scheduled events and larger events and tournaments! 

Board Game Rental System

Exciting news! Gaming Grounds will be implementing a board game rental system in which for 10% of the game’s price you will be able to take a board game home overnight to play and share with your friends and family! Upon return, if you should wish to purchase a copy of the checked out game, the 10% rental fee will be applied to the purchase price. A valid credit card or 40% refundable cash fee is required at the time of rental to cover the cost of lost or damaged games. We hope you will take advantage of our great and constantly growing library of games, and what we hope will be a great opportunity to try out some of the more cost-prohibitive games before you buy!

Store Credit Policy Changes

As some of you may know, we have struggled to create a store credit system that works, and is beneficial for both the store and players alike. Well, we’re happy to announce that we think we’ve stumbled upon the answer! In the future, store credit will be handed out in the form of tokens, which will NEVER expire, and will be able to be used on ANYTHING in store, the exception being FNM entry, special orders and pre-orders. Until our first shipment of tokens arrive, we will be happy to continue to track any store credit earned and distribute any unspent store credit to you upon their arrival.

Comics Bundles

Have you checked out our comics bundles yet? They’re a great way to catch up on back issues, read something different, or even just to get few comics on the cheap! We also have DC and Marvel Mystery Bundles, which are five random comics from the respective publisher for only $5, as well as a $1 comic box. No matter what your interests, there’s bound to be a comic for you here!

Late Night Redneckin’

Caitlin, the Amazing Jendikar, and myself are enjoying a wonderful night of microwave popcorn, Magic Spoilers, and a hootananny of a game of Redneck Life! I get to be the illustrious Buford BoDean, Jendikar is Banjo Bukktoof, and Caitlin is Crystal Belle. Huzzah for late night gaming!

Redneck Life is a heck of a time, I tell you what. You start the game, and soon have to determine your last grade finished, and what amazing job that gets you. (I’m a Nightclub Bouncer!) The object is to go through the pits and perils of Redneck Life, gaining more debt and losing teeth as you go. Every step you take leads you FURTHER into debt, and when the day of reckonin’ comes, the player with the least amount of debt and the most teeth wins! It’s like the Game of Life, only far more hilarious! We play this one a lot here at GG, so it wins our stamp of approval! Image