On New Beginnings

Hello all, been awhile hasn’t it?

Well, first and foremost, we would like to apologize for any confusion you might have had in the last couple of months about GG and it’s potential future. This is actually why I’m here today.

Yes, we’re still here. And we’re not dead. We’re more building up our resources, making changes, and working to bring Gaming Grounds back to the awesome place it has and will be again. It took us awhile to realize what we should focus on, and WHO we should focus on, but we’ve had a lot of soul searching, and we feel we’re finally there.

We’ve been revamping our stock, and looking to place an emphasis on not only traditional gamer swag, but also things created by local artists and crafters. Unique things you won’t find in any other retail outlet. And we’re very excited about this. As of this last weekend, we’ve put up displays of handcrafted papercuts, wallets, postcards, and more, and will be expanding into many other products as well.

One half of a good store is usually inventory, something we’ve admittedly been a little lax with in the last few months. But the other half isn’t about being a store, but about being the community we’ve always wanted to be, and we’d like to think we’re getting on the right path.

All I can say is keep your eyes open for the future!