The Gaming Grounds Charity Roleplay-a-thon!

A little while ago, a very good friend of ours had a serious misfortune, and she and her baby wound up being homeless. And we’re not about to let this continue! As such, we’re organizing a roleplaying marathon on Saturday, October 11th, at 11am until close!
There will be a small donation/buy-in of $10, and there will be refreshments for everyone who attends.  as well as what games we’ll be playing, in a day or two.

Please consider coming, and helping out with the cause! If you’re a GM, and want to run/host a game for the event, also definitely let us know! More GMs means more games for everyone!

If you’ve got a particular game you want to see, such as Pathfinder, D&D, Exalted, Call of Cthulhu, etc, let us know!

You can RSVP here, or in store. We’re asking for donations of $10 each, 100% of which is going towards construction and restoration of an apartment that will be provided rent-free to Mom and Baby!



I know there are a multitude of “Magic Stores” around, and it’s easy to find one with more product, singles, and accessories than us. And you can certainly seek them out. We’ve never been, and never will be a dedicated “Magic Store.” It’s just not how we roll.

That being said, we got caught up in the other stuff we carry, and Magic fell to the wayside. And for THAT I want to offer my most heartfelt apology. While we may not be a “Magic Store,” lots of people who love us also love Magic, and we’re not going to ignore that.

So that being said, expect more Magic product back on the shelves soon, more card accessories, and more drafts/leagues, plus a revamped $2 Tuesday, as well as Modern tournaments for those who want them. And whether or not you want it, you’re going to start seeing a whole lot more Vera out there slinging cards with the rest of you guys! I’m a bit of a legacy player myself, but I can keep pace.

Why? because I love this place, and many others do. And we want to continue to be your game store. You mean the world to us, and it’s time we showed you how much!

We talked about alot of changes coming to GG, and this is one of so many. So please stick with us! We’re never going to have huge hundred man tournaments, or ludicrous prizes, because frankly, we’re a mom and pop business, so to speak, but we will bend over backwards to do what we can though!

Thank You!

War has Overtaken Gaming Grounds!

I mentioned the other week that there would be more Warhammer. And there is! We got a shipment of more Warhammer 40k/Fantasy stuff this week, and it’s been an exciting time getting it all up on the walls. What does this mean for you? MORE WARHAMMER! and we’ll steadily be pulling in new releases as they come out.

The Nagash stuff came and went in a flurry, but we can always special order more of it, or anything else you need!

What does this mean for us? MORE WARHAMMER! And that’s not a bad thing.

If you love other more offbeat minis games, we haven’t forgotten you either. Look forward to Relic Knights, more Malifaux, and other interesting games down the pipeline as we shift gears here at GG.

Thanks for your support and patience. We love you guys!

Change You Can Believe In

It’s been 3 years since the birth of Gaming Grounds! 

Let that sink in for a moment. 3 years. And it’s been an awesome ride so far. 

What once started as a dream of mine became a reality, and I have met many new and amazing friends through the store, and I will always be thankful for that. 

And that being said, we’ve had our bumps and bruises throughout our journey, but we’re still here. And in the coming years, we’re still going to be here. 

But we’re also changing. In a pretty big way. 

When we opened up, it was a learning experience for us. So many games we could stock. So many events we could run. So little time, so many choices! And over the years, we’ve learned which ones work, and which ones don’t. And that’s why I want to make a big announcement, shrouded in secret, wrapped in enigmas that no perception or investigation check is going to decipher. 

Your favorite game store is changing, evolving, in a BOLD new direction. We’re not changing too much, we’re still going to be your Friendly Local Gaming Store, but we’re going to be MORE. and also a little LESS. How is that for being enigma-like? 

There are a lot of game stores around. But we want to be something of a different breed. We want, more than ever, to share what we love with you. And we’ve got an awesome new way of doing it. More inviting, more fun, more everything! (and less of a couple of things!) 

So please stay tuned for more info. And keep on coming in and choosing us for your gaming needs. Small businesses thrive on your support, and with your help, we’ll continue to be here for everyone who needs a friendly oasis of gaming and fun. 

And may I say ahead of time, pardon our dust as we move forward. 


Grimdark to the MAX!

In the grim blah blah blah of the future…blah blah THERE IS ONLY WAR!

Face it, if you’ve played Warhammer 40k or Fantasy, I’ve got nothing new to tell you. You know all the fun terms and ideas behind the game. You can rage at the newest incarnation of the Tyranids, or jump on the bandwagon of the incredibly overpowered Space Marines.

But we’re not here to talk about that.

We’re here to talk about the return of Warhammer models to our shelves! Yes, it’s been a long time since we had any, but that doesn’t matter because they’ll be back this week! If that doesn’t get you excited, we’ll be running tournaments and kill team events, along with other things each weekend! You can build up a small force for the Kill Team events, or build up your usual armies for monthly tournaments!

For those who have no idea what Warhammer is, we’ll have demos available for you as well, so you can learn all about the game that’s been breaking people’s wallets for decades!

And while we’re on the topic of Miniatures, expect to see a lot more Malifaux played as well! We’re moving it to the weekend, so more people will have time to come down and get in a few games. Malifaux will also be given monthly tournaments, in addition to smaller games and story encounters!

If you’ve never picked up a paintbrush, well, we can’t force you to do that. But we CAN help you learn how to use on to make your models shine! We host paint nights, and I’ll personally be doing some classes on basic painting for people.

What I’m basically saying today is this:

Damn it feels good to be a wargamer. ^_^


This is a Stompa, and he is awesome. 


Ye Olde Adventure Recap


As I unlocked the store this morning, a sprightly Bard approached me, and began singing this tale into my ears. And I hadn’t even had my caffeine yet. >_<



As you have no doubt heard from our reliable bards here at the Grounds of Games Adventurer’s Guild, last week was the beginning of an epic campaign to stamp out the most vile of evils, and keep peace in the world of Faerun. A group of heroes rose to the challenge, and began on their epic quest. A mysterious Warlock, hardy Barbarian, stealthy Rogue, devout Cleric, distinguished Paladin, and powerful Wizard answered the call, and traveled into the town of Greenest. Greenest was overrun with cult members, Kobolds, and vile Brigands, and the once beautiful city was aflame. The group saved a family from a pack of Kobolds, and managed to work their way through many other fiends, including outsmarting a pair of drunken cultists, and setting fire to a pair of others lounging casually in a back alley. But their adventure is far from over, and the town keep is still a ways away. Can they make it?

We’ll find out this week, on Wednesday at the hour 6:30, when our adventurers gather once more!


Now, you have to imagine this whole thing in song.

Anyway, she told me to let you know to join us this wednesday at 6:30pm for another installment of our epic tale. Come equipped with a level 1 character that you’ve made from D&D 5.0! If you haven’t, you an always have a pregen character! 

Dungeons, Possibly Dragons

Here is a document left on my desk from the Dungeon Master of our upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Encounters games! 

Welcome Adventurers! 

As you no doubt are aware, this is the world of Dungeons & Dragons, where great treasure and great danger exist in equal measure. Scour a dungeon for loot, defeat the villains or get eaten by a gelatinous cube, all are only a whim of the Dungeon Master away! 

Starting Wednesday, in the month of August, on the date of the 20th, Adventurers will gather at the Grounds of Games Adventurer’s Guild at 6pm, and prepare to embark on a grand adventure. If you have the heart to fight against the monstrous hordes, you’ll want to train yourself, take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses, and steel thy sword for adventure! You can journey to D&D Basic Rules to prepare yourself for the adventure, using the guidelines there to create a scroll that highlights your strengths! (Also known as building a character!) 

Once you arrive in the Grounds of Games, you will be given a faction package by the Dungeon Master. This package will contain a scroll to record your strengths, a scroll for logging your epic adventure, a fashionable table tent, a faction welcome letter and certificate, an emblem of your chosen faction, as well as a special item unique to your faction!

You can choose from the following factions: 

The Harpers: A scattered network of spellcasters and spies who advocate equality and covertly oppose the abuse of power.

The Emerald Enclave: A widespread group of wilderness survivalists who preserve the natural order while rooting out unnatural threats.

The Lord’s Alliance: A loose alliance of established political powers concerned with mutual security and prosperity. 

The Order of the Gauntlet: Faithful and vigilant seekers of justice who protect others from the depredations of evildoers.

The Zentharim: An unscrupulous shadow network that seeks to expand its power and influence throughout the realm of Faerun.

Then, you will dive into adventure for glory and danger! Your sessions may be short, only an hour a two a week, which will allow you to rest and lick your wounds, or count your loot. As you play, you can earn renown and ranks in your faction as you join a great league of adventurers! (Otherwise known as the D&D Adventurer’s league!)

That’s the end of the message. I think the scroll went up in flames afterwards. Join us each Wednesday at 6pm, starting August 20th for D&D Encounters! It doesn’t cost any of your hard earned gold to join us! 


She wasn’t kidding about the cubes.